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Biomechanix's Vision

We are a private practice that provides our surrounding communities with an alternative to the conventional means of rehabilitation.

Biomechanix Physical Therapy is a forward thinking, patient centered practice. From routine tasks to athletic achievements we believe that performance is vital. You know how well you want to perform. We know how to help you reach that goal.

Forward Thinking...
Forward Results.

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Our Team

Tim Dunne, PT and Craig Galbasini, PT opened the practice together to provide a quality of care for their clients never encountered before – providing a global treatment philosophy founded on encouragement, empathy, passion, and giving the very best of themselves to others. Together they have over 25 years experience treating orthopedic injuries. Both are fellowship trained by the Gray Institute of Applied Functional Science.

Our practice also boasts an incredible support staff. This includes our Practice Manager, Jessica Teichert.  She has over 15 years of team and systems management and has known Tim and Craig for many of those years.  Jessica developed and manages our scheduling, billing and communication systems which utilizes the latest technology in the industry. Her family also practices good health and fitness in their home life every day.

Biomechanix Physical Therapy believes in educating and mentoring our youth. Our physical therapy technicians are aspiring therapists, athletic trainers and others who are considering a career in healthcare. We are also a Clinical Affiliation site for various Physical Therapy programs at colleges throughout the country.

Welcome to our family!

Why Biomechanix Physical Therapy?

The Team at Biomechanix is committed to treating patients functionally from a purely biomechanical perspective, which is based on the most current research in rehabilitation. Our specialty is the functional approach to evaluation and treatment, manual skills, and strength and conditioning servicing the pediatric to the geriatric populations.

Our patients’ quality of care and enhanced patient satisfaction are all improved by our Patient Education. Additional benefits of educating the patient is to improve patient health outcomes by speeding recovery, promoting healthy behavior and involving the patient in their healthcare decisions.

Through the application of our expertise on anatomy, physiology and extensive and unique skills in postural and movement analysis, our therapists help individuals optimize their physical well-being.


From our therapists to our billing staff, the team at Biomechanix PT is focused on YOU. We make it FUN and EASY to obtain unparalleled treatment in a clean, safe and professional environment.

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